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Arnica is well known as an acute remedy for pain and bruising following a fall or a blow. What is not so well known is that Arnica is not just a remedy for the bruised body, but also a remedy of a bruised soul.

Symptomatology usually begins after a trauma such as a fright, insult, financial loss, overexertion or an acute disease.

The state of mind is of someone who feels bruised all-over. His whole symptomatology is based around the basic fear of anyone touching, or even worse, penetrating his bruised body – “Do not touch me, do not come too close to me, physically or emotionally and most of all do not penetrate me, physically or metaphorically.”

In the early stages he is easily irritated, aggressive, quarrelsome. He is very opinionated, obstinate and irrational. He is contradictory, nothing pleases him; he wants certain things and later on pushes them away.

In the later stages he is more passive, extremely touchy and sensitive. He wants to be left alone, does not want to talk to anybody. He becomes irritated if he has to give an answer, he avoids human contact. If somebody tries to console or pacify him, he reacts aggressively.

He may be compared to a wounded animal that wants to hide and stay away from any contact.

He is generally sore and this leads to restlessness. He is always turning and moving. He stays in a place for a little while and then he moves. Even when he sleeps you will see him making little movements.

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