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about Rodger


When I first qualified as a homeopath I decided to specialize in treating depression and anxiety. This was because I already had a degree in psychology so it made sense to continue treating conditions of the mind.  


Although I enjoyed homeopathic psychology for a while I felt that I really wanted to treat physical conditions, so I decided to look around for another speciality. When looking through some old cases I noticed that I always enjoyed consultations with my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and Lyme patients. In the end I chose fibromyalgia as my speciality for four reasons.


Firstly, I feel that I share common outlook on life with people with fibromyalgia. And, if you want to be happy in life spend time with those whose company you enjoy. 


Secondly, it allowed me to continue treating anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional conditions.


Thirdly, when I was a student I remember one of my tutors telling that I was fortunate because I had found my specialty very early on. She told me that most students take a few years to find their true calling. What she had noticed was that I tended to focus on the lifestyle and habits of my patients, often sharing recipes or yoga tips. I believe that fibromyalgia can largely be overcome by making a few well selected lifestyle changes. In fact, this has become the central focus in my practice.


Fourthly, in many cases the originating cause of fibromyalgia can be traced back to a mental or emotional trauma that happened just before the symptoms started. With my psychology background I pay a lot of attention to past traumas and the way they manifest in the mind and the body.



Nelson Mandela University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 1992, Degree in Psychology

Hahnemann College for Heilkunst 

Ottawa, Canada, 2014, Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst.


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