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I’m Rodger Douglas and I use homeopathy and healthy living to treat fibromyalgia. 


Cell salts are homeopathic medicines made from minerals essential to your health. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler discovered cell salts at the end of the nineteenth century. He was studying the chemical makeup of human cells and discovered that there were twelve mineral salts in all human cells and tissues. Later with more high tech intruments another 15 were discovered bringing the total to 27.


Kali phos

Forms the grey matter: Kali phos combines with protein and oxygen to create the nerve fluid and the grey matter of the brain. Nervous symptoms arise when this tissue salt has been exhausted. Think of the overworked business man, the exhausted student, or the weary housewife.


Physical Problems: poor gum and dental health, insomnia, headaches, indigestion triggered by nervous tension, physical conditions relating to the nerves, including shingles and skin conditions with itching or crawling feeling


Mind: Anxiety and nervousness, for irritability from frayed nerves, or for poor memory, brain-fog, and learning disorders. It is good for impatience, stress, exhaustion, sleeplessness, and impulse weakness. It’s also great for people who don’t like to follow rules.


Worse: worry, fatigue, cold, alone


Better: sleep, warmth, company






Kali-mur Potassium chloride (5) Gemini

Forms fibrin and properly diffuses it through the tissues of the body. When Kali-mur is sufficient fibrin builds tissue, when it is deficient it thickens the blood. The white coating on the tongue, mucus, and lining on the tonsils is fibrin that has become nonfunctional due to a deficiency of Kali-mur.


Physical Problems: moderate fevers, white mucus, allergies, varicose veins, glandular problems, chicken skin on arm, Weak, sluggish conditions, Blood purifier, Skin eruptions and also in infections after the initial inflammatory stage, In injuries where swelling occurs, Infections, Poor digestion


Mind: Family issues, irritability, apathy, homesickness, hypochondria


Modalities: worse: open air, drafts, dampness, cold drinks; better: rubbing, feeling relaxed


Calc-fluor Calcium fluoride (1) Cancer

Keeps the bones hard and the tissues flexible


Physical Problems: brittle, splitting, soft nails; cracking skin; low body temperature; sweaty feet, flabby skin without elasticity, stretch marks, broken skin, hard skin on feet, hands & elbows, varicose veins, cracked heels, weak, brittle bones and poor teeth enamel, Helps with skin cracks and fissures, and when the skin becomes thick and hard, Hemorrhoids


Mind: Indecisive, weakness, Low self-esteem, stress regard financial matters


Modalities: Wet weather may make symptoms worse, while warmth and massage can improve symptoms.


Mag phos Magnesium phosphate (8) Leo

Pain and cramp killer: acts on white nerve and muscle fibers


Mind: Sensitivity, Outgoing nature, Impulsive, Quick action (similar to Kali-phos)


Physical: chocolate or sugar cravings, sudden sharp pains, insomnia, Cramps and spasms in the muscles or nerves, Nerve pains are typically sharp and may shoot along the nerve, Tension headaches and fitful, spasmodic coughs


Modalities: worse: Cold drafts and cold water; better: warmth, pressure and doubling over.


Kali-sulph Potassium Sulphate Virgo (7)

Metabolism, pancreas: the body’s furnace. Kali-phos has an affinity for body oil – too thick clogs the pores on the scalp


Mind: Fearful dreams, Need for validation, Sensitivity to noise, Irritability, Anger


Physical: thyroid indications, high fevers, pigmentation, asthma, eczema and sinusitis, prevents stage III inflammation and supports the skin, mucous membranes and metabolism,


Modalities: worse: warm air, noise, consolation; better: walking, cool air, fasting


Nat phos Sodium-phosphate (10) Libra

Metabolism, acidity neutralizer: Nat-phos combines with acid to make new components


Mind: Depression, from overly sensitive nerves, Sleeplessness, Low self-esteem


Physical: heartburn, acne, digestion, blackheads, swollen glands, hypoglycemia, sugar cravings, sour smell, Acidic conditions, candida, sour belching, Morning sickness, motion sickness, Arthritic complaints, Jaundice, gall-bladder colic and indigestion from rich or fatty foods, smelly feet, smelly sweat, heartburn, craving for sweets and chocolates, burning sensation on skin, constipation, yellow discharge from any area of body, smoking and coffee


Modalities: worse: mental activity, milk, sugar, thunderstorms; better: pressure, open air


Calc sulph Calcium sulphate (3) Scorpio

Blood purifier, purulent agent, joints, pus: along with Kali mur produces fibrin. The chief indication of a lack of Calc-sulph is the discharge of pus. Silica speeds up suppuration while Calc-sulph closes up a process that has continued too long


Mind: Fatigue, Laziness, Inactivity, Worries about imaginary problems


Physical: Acne, abscesses, ulcers and wounds that have become infected. Calc sulph closes and clears up an infection. This remedy is indicated for infections that are slow to heal


Modalities: worse: damp, stimulants, menses; better: open air


Sil Silicea (12) Sagittarius

Connective tissue, skin, hair: under a microscope silica is pointed and jagged – this help push out all decaying matter


Mind: Shyness, Lack of grit, Hypersensitivity, Sensitivity to cold, disinclination to get out of bed stress, whinny, irritation, aggressiveness


Physical: sweaty hands and feet; stinky feet; light and noise sensitivity; dry, brittle nails; splinters; general skin problems; cold body; smelly armpits; keloids (raised scars); exhaustion


Modalities: worse: cold air, drafts, head uncovered, nervous excitement, menses, night; better: warmth


Keynote: Deep wrinkles such as crow’s feet; laugh lines or vertical wrinkles in front of ears


Calc phos Calcium phosphate (2) Capricorn

Cell restorer, bones and teeth


Mind: Desire to travel, Loss of motivation, Mental weakness, Difficulty handling bad news


Physical: muscles are sensitive to cold; white marks on fingernails and teeth; tips of teeth translucent; Calc phos is important for the skeletal system, teeth and connective tissues, Helpful in healing fractures, for conditions relating to the digestive tract and for coldness and numbness from poor circulation


Modalities: worse: loss of fluid, exposure to cold, wet wind, fruit; better: summer, dry weather, rest


Keynote: white coating on tongue


Nat-mur Sodium-chloride (9) Aquarius

Water regulation: This tissue salt’s main function is to properly distribute body fluids. If excess dryness or water retention occurs, this indicates a need for Nat-mur.


Mind: can’t cry in public, holds onto old hurts, melancholy, hopeless, despondent, delirium with muttering and wandering


Physical: Deep nasolabial fold, a craving for salt, dandruff, dryness, loss of sense of smell, high blood pressure, cracking joints, sinus, must have sun glasses; Water-filled blisters, Dry skin conditions, Colds and hay fevers with watery mucus and sneezing, Digestive complaints, Headaches that are worse in sun


Modalities: worse from sun, heat and physical exertion; better from sweating, rest and open air


Ferr phos Iron phosphate Pisces

Fevers and inflammation: Chemically iron has an affinity for oxygen - in the blood it caries oxygen to all parts of the body. When oxygen carriers are deficient blood circulation is increased to conduct sufficient amounts of oxygen to the extremities. This increased rate of blood motion changes to heat.


Mind: a rush of blood to the brain may cause acute delirium or maniacal moods


Physical: fatigue, moderate fevers, weak immune system, red face, nose bleeds, sore throats, the first stage of any inflammation where the skin or mucous membrane is red, painful and swollen; fevers, especially where the skin is hot and dry and the cheeks flushed; anemia


Modality: worse from noise, motion and coffee; better from cold, lying down and solitude

Nat sulph

Regulates water: Found in the intercellular fluids, liver and pancreas. Its main work is regulating the supply of water, fluid, bile and blood: one molecule of Nat-sulph can carry two molecules of water.


Physical Problems: swollen hands and feet, bad gas, itchy skin, greenish skin, Diarrhea, Important for proper digestion and liver function, Light sensitivity, Gas, Biliousness, Migraines, Asthma, Green vomit.


Mind: Discouraged and despondent, Irritated due to biliousness (excess bile)


Modalities: worse wet weather when blood is saturated with water; better open air, warmth, passing gas

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