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food meditation

This simple mindfulness exercise requires you to focus on the present moment using all your senses, thus shifting your mind away from overthinking and into the present moment. I suggest doing this exercise before meals. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes. Sit comfortably in a chair. Hold an item of food in your hand. Most people use a raisin but anything works. look Really concentrate. Let your eyes roam over the food and pick out all the details: the colour, areas of light and shade, any ridges or shine. touch Feel its smallness in your palm. Explore the raisin’s texture with your fingers. Is the skin waxy? Are there any edges? It is soft or hard? smell Bring it close to your nose and concentrate on any scents you can detect. Does it smell sweet or perhaps earthy? Has this triggered your taste buds? taste Place it in your mouth. Don’t chew yet; just spend some time concentrating on how it feels on your tongue. Notice its texture. Take a bite without swallowing it yet. Fix your mind on the sensations just released into your mouth. How does it taste? hear Listen to the sounds you make as you chew it and swallow.


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