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First Book

I just published my first book. It's called Emma Discovers Bach Flower Essences. I often ask my clients to make lifestyle changes or give them mental exercises to do. Because most of my clients are online I usually send them my instructions via email. Over the years I've compiled a whole collection of documents on lifestyle ranging from nutrition, to exercise, to healthy sleeping patterns, and more.

Now, making lifestyle changes is always going to be a challenge so I've tried my best to simplify these exercise and make them as easy as possible to follow. I felt that the best way to take complex ideas and simplify them, was to explain them in a way that even a child could understand. And, that's where the idea of my book was born. Emma is a 9-year old girl and wants to be a journalist. She interviews people who have made significant contributions to natural health such as Dr. Bach (flower remedies), Dr. Hahnemann (homeopathy) and Dr. Buteyko (breathing). They explain their methods and philosophies to her in the clearest and simplest way.

I've decided to create a whole series called Emma Discovers covering various ways to overcome anxiety. In Emma Discovers Bach Flower Essences she interviews Doctor Edward Bach and he explains the 38 flower remedies to her.

If you read it I'd love to hear your feedback and hopefully you leave an honest review on Amazon.

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