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There is probably no better a remedy for trauma than Star of Bethlehem. It heals all levels of trauma: present and past. Star of Bethlehem brings comfort to those who cannot be consoled from a past shock. It is also the remedy for that sense of emptiness and loss that occurs when a loved one dies or moves away.

Arnica is for deep-seated bodily trauma. This is the essence for shock that is held in the body – often this shock is locked in the nervous, muscular and endocrine systems, contributing to symptoms like fibromyalgia, hypertension and adrenal exhaustion.

Bottlebrush is shaped like a brush, and brushes away old, negative experiences. It makes space for the new so we can go forward. Bottlebrush helps people move through major life changes, such as adolescence, menopause and retirement. It is an excellent remedy for healing unresolved mother issues.

Trauma survivors tend to replay the same dysfunctional experiences over and over; unaware as to why they can’t make progress in their lives. Chestnut bud helps them to observe their mistakes objectively and gain the wisdom necessary to grow from life’s lessons.

Creosote Bush is for those who have experienced an event that left them feeling alone, cut off, and bitter. They spend a great deal of energy holding down these old wounds without resolving or expressing them. Creosote bush helps release what has been held in and promotes a feeling of brightness and freedom.

Rainbow Cactus helps those who need to let go of things without necessarily knowing what are where it all came from. It is a searchlight to illumine something dark or held in. It helps release old petrified emotions without becoming entangled in them. It facilitates easy movement from one state of consciousness to another.

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