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flower remedies for anxiety

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In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach discovered the thirty-eight flower essences. Each was aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients their physical distress would be alleviated naturally. ​The advanatge of using flower remedies they are safe and gentle with no adverse reactions. In addition, there are thousands of different remedies to choose from so you can really zero in on your specific issue.​

fibromyalgia and anxiety

Chronic pain has both a physical and an emotional component. People who suffer from anxiety are more likely to also suffer from chronic pain, and vice versa. As it turns out, chronic pain and anxiety work hand in hand. Chronic pain can make anxiety worse, and anxiety can also worsen chronic pain. Before taking any remedies it is important to find strategies to cope with anxiety:

Take a time out. This simply means stepping away from the problem at hand by focusing attention on something else such as music, deep breathing, meditation, or any other activities that you find relaxing. Create a restful environment to help you accomplish this, trying to limit irritating noises, lights, or anything else that distracts you.

Talk to a friend. Ask a friend or family member for help. This can alleviate some stress and allow you to feel less overwhelmed.

Eat well. Healthy eating makes for a better body and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Talk therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy with a mental health professional can also help you discover better ways to cope with your anxiety. You can even talk to your doctor about using medications in combination with these other strategies if your anxiety is very severe.

Relaxation is essential to achieving and maintaining better health, but it is not easy, especially in the face of life stressors that are out of your control. Practicing relaxation techniques can have many benefits, decreasing the effects of stress on not only your mind, but also your body. When your body is stressed, your central nervous system fires up, sending out stress hormones that cause your heart to beat faster, your breathing to increase, your blood vessels to dilate and disrupts your digestive processes to prepare the body for action.

9 flower remedies for anxiety

There are many flower remedies that can be used for anxiety. Below are nine remedies that are commonly used. If you click on the images or titles a link will take you to Amazon.


Agrimony is for you if you tend to hide your anxiety behind a mask of cheerfulness. There is a denial and avoidance of emotional pain. There is a tendency to bury feeling in addictive behavior such as drinking.

agrimony flower essence for anxiety

Cerato helps if you lack faith in your judgement. You feel anxious after a decision is made. Doubts creep in and you are no longer sure if what you have decided was right. You go around asking for the opinions of others, and end up confused or doing something that you know in your heart is not right.

cerato flower essence for anxiety and indescision

Chamomile flower essence helps to calm overly anxious states. It's for those times when become easily upset, moody and irritable. There is an inability to release emotional tension, especially in the stomach or solar plexus.

chamomile flower essence for anxiety and agitation

Goldenrod helps if you continuously need social approval for what you do. You are overly influenced by group or cultural ties and unable to be true to oneself. You are easily susceptible to peer pressure and doing your own thing makes you feel axious.

goldenrod flower essence for anxiety

Golden Yarrow helps you open up to others if you are over-sensitivity to your social surroundings, resulting in social isolation, or a false social persona. You may occasionally turn to drugs for protection or social masking.

golden yarrow flower essence for anxiety

Pink Monkey Flower for anxiety that others will not accept you. You feel shame or guilt, or unworthiness. You are afraid of exposure and rejection. There may be a history of prior abuse or trauma.

Pink monkey flower_edited.jpg

Pretty Face for anxiety about physical appearnace. Feeling ugly or rejected because of personal appearance; over-identified with physical appearance.

pink monkey flower essence for anxiety

Red Chestnut if you have obsessive fear and apprehension for wellbeing of others, especially your loved ones. You anticipate problems and this is accompanied by mental agitation or repetitive worry.

Red Chestnut flower essence for anxiety about others

Trumpet vine flower essence dissolves anxiety and self-limiting patterns regarding speech and communication. It cuts through fears of speaking up while magnifying our ability to speak freely about what's inside us, even if it's a difficult conversation.

Trumpet vine flower essence for anxiety with speeking and communication
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