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flower remedies for sleep

how to sleep well

Flower essences work on the mind and emotions. To get the maximum benefits from essences it’s best to take them four or more times a day, and not just before sleep. Flower essences themselves do not have a sedating or sleep-inducing effect, and this is why they do not produce drowsiness in the daytime. They simply transform the negative emotional states which obstruct natural sleep patterns. Before you start with flower essences I suggest you take a look at natural ways to improve your sleep.

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Aspen helps when night fears are of a vague nature and their source is unknown. There is a general feeling of foreboding but you can’t say what exactly it is. Aspen also helps when we are afraid to go back to sleep after a bad dream.

cherry plum flower essence for sleep

Cherry plum flower essence is for those times when we find it hard to relax and let go. We can’t easily make the transition from a state of active alertness and conscious control into one of relaxation and letting go. It helps calm our physical and emotional systems so that we can surrender to sleep.


Impatiens flower essence helps when we hear the clock counting minutes and hours, but the much awaited sleep does not come. Time becomes an upsetting issue in our thoughts, even when we are not concerned with having to get up early the next morning.


Lavender flower essence has a calming energy for the sensitive soul, whose nerves and senses have been over stimulated. Lavender brings our awareness back into our bodies when our consciousness becomes too far extended, through excessive mental activity, and electronic devices.

sweet chestnut

Sweet chestnut is for those times when can’t sleep because we feel in great danger, totally helpless, unsupported, unprotected, or without anything or anyone to rely on. It provides our subconscious minds with the basic security and trust necessary to relax and allow ourselves to sleep.


Many people use white chestnut essence if their thoughts are what keeps them awake at night. It helps them get off the mental merry-go-round and reminds them that they don't have to figure everything out right now. 

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