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flower remedies for depression

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Sadness is a normal short term reaction to the difficulties that life sometimes offers up. Depression surpasses sadness and is something that can affect your whole life both emotionally and physically. People who are depressed commonly experience:


  • feeling sad, unhappy, or empty

  • feeling worthless or guilty

  • anxiety or restlessness

  • irrational reactions or angry outbursts

  • thoughts of suicide or death

  • loss of interest in normal activities

  • difficulty concentrating

  • changes in appetite

  • sleeping problems

  • unexplained pain

  • fatigue

natural solutions to depression 


I feel that the best way to tackle depression, is not through medication, but rather by making a few changes to your daily habits. Of course this is not easy since the symptoms of depression are fatigue and loss of interest in life. Popping pills is the easiest way to go but it doesn’t treat the root cause. A better long-term solution is a combination of flower essences to address the emotional issues and lifestyle changes to deal with any possible physical causes to your depression.


flower remedies


Flower remedies can be very effective in treating depression because they work on an emotional level. The challenge with flower remedies though, is that there are so many of them to choose from, so you first need to do a bit of introspection to find the right one for you. There is the temptation to see every essence as the one for you, and then to select a whole bunch of them. In my experience it’s far better to select just one essence at a time and learn its lesson before moving on to the next essence. Below are a few flower remedies for depression. Just a reminder that my website is affiliated with Amazon and that when clicking on the titles of images a link will take you to Amazon.

Borage is for those times when we feel so laden down with grief and sadness that we’ve lost the heart to engage in social activities and other aspects of daily life. Borage helps lift up the heart, bringing courage and more optimism.

borage flower essence

Elm helps when you feel overwhelmed because you have too much to do and not enough time, and thus become depressed. You may have a tendency to worry that the task you have set yourself is doomed to fail. Elm helps when you have little self-belief.

elm flower essence for feeling overwhelmed

California Wild Rose is for those of us who hold back or hesitate, not wanting to experience the pain or challenge of life. We find it hard to take emotional risks in relationships with others, preferring instead to anesthetize ourselves from pain or suffering. This makes us become apathetic, resigned,  pronouncedly passive, and deeply socially alienated.


Forget-Me-Not is a great essence to use after the initial phase of grieving if a person is feeling lost, abandoned and alone. It can help them feel connected again with their loved ones beyond the grave, usually through dreams or —if they believe in it— by allowing a spiritual connection in a healthy useful manner they can use to sustain them as they attempt to go on with life.


Holly helps a person who feels cut off from love and bereft of human comfort. They suffer and, consequently, act out from jealousy, anger or unhealthy suspicions that damage or sever their relationships with others. Holly helps a person feel love for themselves and others, opening compassionate paths to human connection that are so desperately needed in this situation. 


Honeysuckle is for those who are stuck looking backwards in their lives to the “good old days” when so and so was alive and “everything was so much better.” But longing so much for the past keeps a person trapped in a reality that does not allow for a happier tomorrow. 

honeysuckle flower essences for being stuck in the past

Love-Lies-Bleeding is for pain so intense it feels like you're bleeding and can't stop. Grieving for a dear dear loved one is a good example of this because this flower essence is often used for isolation mixed with despair. You feel horribly alone and like you don't want to be here anymore.

love lies bleeding flower essence

Mustard is for depression that comes and goes for no reason. You experience feelings of intense gloom that seem to rise out of nowhere. There is a feeling of deep pessimism.

mustard flower essence for depression that comes for no reason

Sweet Chestnut is the remedy you need when you have reached the limits of endurance. You have explored all avenues and see no way out of your difficulties. You feel there is nothing left but annihilation and emptiness. Sweet Chestnut helps us remain masters of our lives, and renews our hope and strength.

sweet chestnut flower essence for depression and exhaustion

Wild Rose is for when a person is so depressed they have given up on life and have lost the will to truly live but aren't necessarily suicidal. It's more a type of resignation or apathy, accepting their unsatisfying fate. Wild Rose helps them regain their joy and interest in life so the challenges they face seem worthwhile again.

wild rose flower essence for depression

Zinnia helps us connect with our inner lighthearted child. Zinnia instills a sense of adventure and possibility, and helps one be in the present moment. Zinnia is helpful with depression, heaviness of heart, sadness, excessive seriousness, and difficulty relaxing when playing with children.

zinnia flower essence for depression
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