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step one. create a vision

I found that clients who began treatment by forming a clear picture of their goals were not only more likely to complete the decluttering process, but were more likely to go on and make other healthy lifestyle changes. 

The first step on your healing journey is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. You might ask yourself what sort of life you want to lead, what your day will look like, who you will surround yourself with. You will want to clarify what your routine will be, what your home will look like. The more detailed, vivid, and clear the picture you create, the better.


This is not the law of attraction or anything like that. It’s simply a way of motivating yourself and formulating a plan of action. There are a few different ways you can create your vision:


contemplate your goals

The easiest strategy is to simply think about what you would like to change and achieve. However this method is not enough for most people and I found that it rarely works.  


record your dreams

If you are a talkative person consider making an audio recording. All you need to do is open the voice memo app on your phone and record your vision and goals. The advantage of this method is that it’s an excellent way to express your emotions. The emotional nuances in your voice. Play your recordings now and then to remind yourself of what you want to achieve.


write down your vision

Sitting down with a pen and notebook is the most popular method. Because decluttering is very much a visual activity several of my clients like to draw pictures of how they’d like their homes to look. Others like pasting pictures or magazine cut outs into their notebooks. I always recommend taking a few ‘before photos’ of your home, and once you are done decluttering you can compare them to the ‘after photos’ of your home.


create a vision board

If you are a visual person or have an artistic side you will enjoy creating a vision board. All you need to do is paste a collection of pictures onto a board and stick it on your fridge. If you prefer to keep your goals private make a digital vision board or create a Pinterest vision board. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can make your board private.

spend time in nature
sit spotting
mindful awareness
flower remedies
active imagination
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