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picture by cottonbro studio at pexels

two ~ simple ideas

Before you do a full declutter start with these common sense ideas. They are free and don't require much energy or any precious spoons. 

no shoes

About 60% of dirt, pesticides and germs come in to your home on the bottom of your shoes. Keep them out by never letting your shoes walk in. Go barefoot or wear slippers on chilly days.


add plants

Plants not only make your home look pretty, they improve air quality and detox your home by removing pollutants like ammonia and formaldehyde. About 15 to 20 plants is enough for an average house.


open windows

If you have good ventilation in your home, you can reduce mold and improve overall indoor air quality.


dust often

Your home is full of items that contain chemicals. Over time traces of these chemicals accumulate in dust that can be inhaled or swallowed. Dust and vacuum your mattress and furniture regularly.


eliminate mold

Regularly clean damp surfaces where mold is likely to grow. Add 8 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a liter of water to kill mold without chemicals.

spend time in nature
sit spotting
mindful awareness
flower remedies
active imagination
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