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The 10 Day Skin Brushing Detox

Mia Campbell


Dry skin brushing (or body brushing) is an old naturopathic technique with numerous benefits - not just cellulite elimination. It simply involves brushing the body all over with a firm brush. Why? Because it makes you look and feel absolutely amazing! It works as a detox by stimulating the lymphatic and blood systems, boosting metabolism, and improving elimination through the skin - the body's largest organ. Done incorrectly, a detox can make you feel awful - the side effects can be pretty rough. This book shows you how to detox without unpleasant side effects. You will feel good from day one. By day 10 you will have established a new health habit that you'll be able to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.

This book contains a new method of brushing. If you have done skin brushing before you may have been told to brush towards the heart. You'll find out why that isn't always the case and the exact way to brush every inch of your body. This new method has been tried, tested, and refined by the author, experienced aroma therapist and health coach Mia Campbell.

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