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I’m Rodger Douglas and I treat fibromyalgia and similar diseases with a five-step approach that centers around healthy living, mindful awareness, and homeopathy.

In the past, I specialized in treating fibromyalgia but found that a few other diseases such as lupus, Lyme, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, and depression had similar underlying causes. I use a five-step,  sequential approach that is based on mindful living. My homeopathic clinic is in Osaka Japan. If you'd like to find out more about me please go to the about me page.

1. home cleanse

You might be surprised to learn that treatment starts with tidying. Yes, you heard me right. Tidying! In these modern times, most of us live in houses filled with all kinds of chemicals. These chemicals are likely making us sick, so let's begin our journey back to health by creating a cleaner place to live in.

2. body cleanse

Next, we very gently cleanse the body. This is not the type of cleanse we do once and then forget about Instead we make small lifestyle changes, one at a time, so that eventually we start living a cleaner, less toxic life. By the way, this is fun to do so I'm sure you'll very much enjoy it. 

3. healthy lifestyle

After that comes lifestyle. Now, I hear you say that you've tried all of this before and you gave up after about a month. Not this time! The difference is that making lifestyle changes can be fulfilling if you match them to your personality, your body type, and the idea of surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. 

4. mindful awareness

Most of us tend to live too much in our heads. When ruminating about the past and worrying about the future we lose touch with our bodies and our true selves. The way out is through mindfulness. he  simply means intentionally becoming more aware and connected to your body and your mind. It means living in the present of your body and your.

5. remedies

Lastly, we look at homeopathy. This includes homeopathic medicines, flower remedies, and cell salts.  Fascinating stuff. 

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body cleanse
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