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I’m Rodger Douglas and I use homeopathy and healthy living to treat fibromyalgia. 

flower essence books

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flower remedy books


Being properly hydrated is one of the best ways to begin treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic disease in general. There are three ways to become hydrated: firstly make sure you are drinking enough liquids, secondly mineralize your body with unrefined salts, and thirdly understand that hydration is not only a physical process but a mental one as well.  

I love reading and have a huge library on homeopathy and health. All the books that I review on this site I've read, and have found practically useful as a practicing homeopath. Here is my list of the most handy books on drinking water and hydration.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links; I will make a commission at no extra cost to you, should you click through and make a purchase. Read my disclosure for more information. 


practitioner's encyclopedia

of flower remedies

Clare G. Harvey

This comprehensive encyclopedia brings together flower essences gathered from all over the world including Hawaii, the Himalayas, America and Australia. It explains what flower remedies are, how they work and how to choose the right remedies. The properties and benefits of over 2,000 remedies, combinations, mists and creams are described. An easy-to-use ailment chart pinpoints remedies for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions, from stress to hormonal imbalance and from allergy to depression. This is the definitive handbook for practitioners, therapists and anyone interested in flower remedies.


encyclopedia of bach flower therapy

Mechthild Scheffer

A well illustrated books with with color plates of the Bach flowers and Kirlian photographs of the energy signature of each flower.

Mechthild Scheffer demonstrates that emotional and physical well-being are inextricably linked and shows how flower therapies can be a powerful tool for healing individual symptoms and restoring balance to one's life. She provides a therapeutic profile for each remedy and specific instructions for preparing combination remedies to heal more complex conditions. Thorough diagnostic guidelines, interview questions, progress evaluations, and body maps guide both the practitioner and novice to the proper remedies for innumerable emotional and physical ailments. She also gives advice for using Bach flower remedies in pediatrics and veterinary medicine. 


bach flower remedies

form and function

Julian Barnard

If you really want to understand each Bach flower remedy in its totality then this is the best book to get. Barnard takes us on a wonderful historic journey expalining how Bach made his discoveries. He examines the living qualities of the plants in their context and how the remedies are actually produced. Barnard recounts his observations so that readers can experience, in a living way, the complex ways in which the remedy plants grow-their gestures and qualities, ecology, botany, and behavior.

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