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declutter your mind


declutter your mind

People with fibromyalgia tend to have high levels of toxicity in their bodies so it makes sense to start treatment by clearing away these toxins. Cleansing is most effective when done in a specific order, and that’s from the outside inward. This is best done in three steps.

Start by cleaning and decluttering your home and surroundings so that you are not absorbing poisons from your environment. 


two. body cleanse


To reduce the withdrawal symptoms and side effects of detoxification. Although the detox side effects (or detox symptoms) can be unpleasant, they are just temporary signs that the cleansing is working and toxins are being removed from the body.(the mouth and skin), and the third step is cleansing the interior organs (the digestive system and the liver). 


If you were to start the cleansing process on an internal organ, say the liver, then toxins from the liver might not be able to make their way out of the body because effectively drained out by the still toxic surface organs, and this could make you feel very ill. 


three. cleanse remedies


Once you've worked on the surface it`s time for a deep cleanse. Since fibromyalgia patients are very sensitive I don't like doing harsh cleanses such as an enema. Instead I prefer mini fasts and using gemmotherapy remedies to drain away toxins. 

Gemmotherapy is probably the best way to detox your body but it's not very well known, so let me explain what it is. The remedies are made from young shoots and buds. They have been found to be very effective in draining toxins from the body. The advantage of using Gemmotherapy over other methods of drainage is that there are 50 remedies. Each one has a specific action and an affinity toward a specific organ. This allows you to target particular organs and problems. Gemmotherapy also supports digestive function by helping establish gut flora and stimulating digestive enzymes.

four. clear your mind


The body and the mind are part of one complete whole so if you cleanse your body the next logical step would be to cleanse your mind. However, in my experience they are best done together.

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