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gemmotherapy expels toxins


The buildup of toxins in the body aggravates the symproms of fibromyalgia and could possibly be one originating causes. In my experience eliminating these toxins is the first step to recovery. There are three steps to doing this.


Start by lowering your exposure to toxins, as far as possible, by removing them from your home. You can read more on how to do this on the decluttering page.


Next, do a gentle cleanse on your body to reduce the internal toxins that may be making you sick. Read more about this on the cleanse page. 


The third step can either be done after or in conjunction with the first two steps. This step involves  or  select a few gemmotherapy remedies to safely and effectively drain those toxins from your body.


Gemmotherapy remedies are made from young shoots and buds. They contain the peak life essence of the plants so they are richer in vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, growth hormones and other plant tissues that are lost if a plant is allowed to reach a later stage in its growth cycle before harvesting.

The advantage of using Gemmotherapy over other methods of drainage is that there are 50 remedies. Each one has a specific action and an affinity toward a specific organ. This allows you to target particular organs and problems. Gemmotherapy also supports digestive function by helping establish gut flora and stimulating digestive enzymes. 


Fagus sylvatica (Beech) stimulates the immune system and stimulates the liver. It is used for a weak immune system, compromising gut function, food intolerance, and recurrent viral infections.


Quercus robur (Oak) is a general tonic that supports adrenal and reproductive hormone production. It supports the body when overworked and fatigued. Oak is also used when there is fatigue due to low cortisol levels.


Pinus sylvestris (Pine) cleanses the body through the lymph and liver. It drains joints and removes all heavy metals from the body. Pine regenerates the bone and cartilage.

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