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homeopathic remedies for insomnia


homeopathy for insomnia


There are three advantages to using homeopathic medicines for sleep problems. Firstly, they are very effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, they are non addictive and won't make you feel drowsy during the day, so they are very safe to use. Thirdly, there are a wide range of homeopathic medicines for very specific types of sleep problems so you can select one that specifically matches your exact condition.

As a homeopathic practitioner I tend to be very hesitant in prescribing homeopathic medicines. I prefer to focus on helping my clients living healthier lifestyles, and only prescribe when I feel I absolutely have to.

If you plan on using homeopathy for sleep problems I suggest starting with a low potency such as 6c, 12c, or 30c. If this is your first time to try homeopathy, then on the first day simply open the bottle and smell the contents. Watch for any reactions. On the second day take one pill and watch for any reactions. Then on the third day if you haven't had any reactions, take one pill three times a day:one  before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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The easiest way to select a remedy is to read the list below and then choose the one that suits you the best. If you professional professional help go to my contact page and send me an email. I'm offering a 10 minute telephone consulation for free.

Aconitum apellus is for a person who can’t sleep due to fear. The fear comes on suddenly while the person is drifting off to sleep.

homeopathic aconite for insomnia

Arnica Montana is an effective remedy for sleeplessness due to physical or mental over exertion . The patient is overtired but cannot sleep and may feel bruised or the bed may feel too hard.

arnica for sleep problems

Arsenicum album is for people who are anxious and compulsive about small details, and have trouble sleeping if they feel that everything is not in place. They are usually deeply exhausted but feel restless physically and mentally. 

arsenicum for sleep problems

Calcarea phosphorica is helpful for people who have aching in the joints and bones, or neck and shoulder tension that make it hard to fall asleep. They lie awake for hours feeling upset and irritable and then have trouble waking in the morning.

calc phos for sleep problems

Cocculus indicus is helpful for those who feel "too tired to sleep" after long-term sleep loss from getting up with an infant, taking care of someone who is ill, a disruptive work schedule, travel and jet lag, or chronic worry and insomnia.

cocculus indicus for sleep problems

Coffea cruda is for insomnia stemming from restless anxiety, excited imagination, flow of ideas, and basically too many thoughts rushing around your head. There is great tiredness, with a desire to lie down and shut the eyes, but then finding it impossible to switch off your mind and drift off to sleep.

homeopathic coffea for sleep problems

Graphites is for drowsiness during the day but with difficulty in falling asleep at night, usually due to a rush of anxious thoughts. Sleep is very light throughout the night and deep sleep arrives in the morning just as the alarm is about to go off.

homeopathic graphites for insomnia

Ignatia is for insomnia caused by emotional upset such as grief or loss, a disappointment in love, a shock, or even an argument. The person is sensitive and nervous, and may often sigh and yawn in the daytime, but find it hard to relax at night.

ignatia for insomnia

Kali phosphoricum relieves physical and intellectual fatigue due to overexertion, with sleeplessness and headaches.

kali phos for insomnia

Lachesis is for an aggravation of general symptoms during or after sleep. The quality of sleep is light with frequent waking, tossing and turning. There is a feeling of liveliness and talkativeness in the evening with great drowsiness by day, worse after a meal.

homeopathic lachesis for insomnia

Lycopodium is for insomnia primarily because of worry and lack of self confidence. Insomnia is caused by digestive trouble, especially gas. The person feels drowsy after meals but has trouble sleeping at bedtime. Ravenous hunger in the night wakes them up.

lychopodium for sleeplessness

Silicea is for nervous people with low stamina who get tired easily. The person often falls asleep easily but awakens suddenly with a hot or surging feeling in the head, and then finds it hard to fall asleep again.

homeopathic silica for insomnia

Sulphur is helpful if insomnia comes from itching or an increasing feeling of heat in bed, especially in the feet. The person is irritable and anxious, and often feels a need to throw the covers off.

sulphur for insomnia

Staphysagria helps relieve sleeplessness and irritability caused by grief, repressed anger or vexation.

staphysagrai for insomnia

Valeriana officinalis is for sleeplessness with nightly itching and muscular spasms from excitement, worse on waking. Disturbed sleep with tossing and anxious and confused dreams.

valeriana officialis

Zincum metallicum is for people who often have insomnia from mental activity. They either get wound up from overwork or are naturally inclined toward nervousness and just have trouble relaxing. Their legs and arms often feel extremely restless, and lying still in bed may be impossible.

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