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Six homeopathic remedies for agoraphobia

Arnica Montana

Arnica is well known as a remedy for bruises but its actions are more widespread than that. Arnica is not just a remedy for the bruised body; it is a remedy of the bruised soul. It for someone who has withdrawn from the world after some kind of an accident or trauma – like a bear retreating into a cave to lick its wounds after a fight. The traumatic experience leaves the person with a feeling of having been wounded deeply – they fear coming into physical contact with anything that is hard or penetrating. They especially don’t want to be touched and they don’t want people coming too close to them, either physically or emotionally. They are inclined to be irritated and snappy. They are averse to consolation or attention and will declare themselves to be well when it is perfectly obvious they are not.

The underlying mental state of Arsenic Album is fear of not being able to exist. These people are very anxious about their health and are suspicious of anything that might poison them or cause disease – germs, infections, pollution, pesticides or chemicals. For them the world is a hostile place, full of bad people that can hurt them – they fear crowds, robbers and being attacked. To escape from the hostile world they might lock themselves in their houses. They alleviate their fears by being very organized, systematic and meticulous – everything is in its place. There is great restlessness – they may toss and turn in bed or move around constantly.

The keynote of Gelsemium is weakness. There is mental and physical paralysis. There is slow and gradual complete breakdown with drowsiness, low-grade fever and a dull headache. They are lethargic and reclusive, preferring to be left alone. They are worse from physi­cal or mental exertion, emotional excitement, bad news, or from anticipation of performing. They are afraid of appearing in public and social gatherings because they fear losing control in public.

The Kali Phos state comes about due to some sort of a mental disturbance, such as a shock or overstrain of the system. In this state there is nervousness, restlessness and an inability to sleep. The person is extremely fearful, sensitive and sad with a tendency to weep. They usually have a gloomy mood and negative thinking. Extreme mental fatigue is a prominent feature – weak memory, brain-fag and irritability.

Lycopodium is for people with low intensity anxiety. They fear facing responsibility and lack the courage to face the situation. There is the inclination to just run away from the situation. They simply want to leave the place and go away. They want to be left alone, but at the same time they need people around. That’s why they like to be alone in their room, but with somebody around (in the next room) who won’t bother them. They also like to have the radio or TV on in the background.

Phosphorous is for people who are bubbly, social and loving. They are however highly sensitive and easily frightened so may withdraw from the world if they find it too overwhelming. In their frightened state they are excitable, suggestible, spaced out, easily vexed and in need of reassurance. They startle easily. They have endless fears and anxieties - particularly of robbers, of being alone, and of being rejected by the person they love. Their fears and anxieties are generally relieved in company. On the one hand they avoid going out into the world because their sensitivity makes it too overwhelming for them, but on the other they are very sociable and friendly, so they don’t like being stuck at home alone.

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