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Mindful Smoking

For many people smoking is an automatic activity done on autopilot – a cigarette is in hand but the mind and senses are elsewhere. This exercise is not designed to get smokers hate cigarettes or to quit smoking. Rather the intention is to get them to become more focused and aware of the ritual of smoking.

Look at the cigarette box – notice the color, print, size, shape, weight and more

Take a cigarette out the box – feel it in your fingers, bring it to your nose, smell it

Light it – notice the flame, the warmth

Take a drag – taste the smoke on your lips, tongue, mouth

Feel the smoke travel down your throat and into your lungs

Puff out – see the smoke: color, smell, patterns, twirls and whirls

Ash the cigarette – notice how your hand flicks the ash into the ashtray

Notice your hand - the way you hold the cigarette, the weight, the smell

Notice your thoughts and emotions.

Continue to be aware as you smoke your cigarette right down to the end. If at any time you become distracted return your focus back to the cigarette. It’s just you and your cigarette.

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