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Eustress and homeopathy

In our everyday lives we encounter all kinds of stresses and pressure. Too much stress is damaging, but just the right amount, at the right time, builds us up making us stronger and healthier. In 1974 McGill University endocrinologist Hans Selye used the concept of distress and eustress to distinguish between negative and positive stress.

One of the most beneficial forms of eustress is exercise. When you exercise you place resistance on your muscles, which causes microscopic tears, called micro-traumas. During rest your body repairs these microscopic tears by thickening and strengthening the muscle fibers. This process is called muscle hypertrophy.

Homeopathic medicines work based on the same principle. Each homeopathic medicine produces a specific type of micro-trauma, which sets into motion a specific healing response by the body.

The berries of the belladonna plant look very similar to blueberries. Unfortunately, eating a berry will produce sudden pains; a flushed face with dilated pupils; throbbing arteries; convulsions and hallucinations. Swallowing a minuscule amount of Belladonna sets into motion a cascade of biological responses that repair the symptoms of belladonna poisoning.

Someone who has not swallowed a belladonna berry, but has these exact same symptoms, will get better when given a microscopic amount of homeopathic Belladonna. This is because the microscopic amount of poison ivy triggers the exact same symptoms – but at a micro-level. The body then counters these micro-traumas and subsequently becomes more capable in dealing with disease at a macro-level.

Each type of eustress produces benefits unique to it: exercise strengthens the muscles; giving a speech builds motivation and confidence; and homeopathic remedies strengthen the body and mind. Eustress is uncomfortable, but leads to personal growth, life satisfaction and wellbeing.

Imagine two schoolboys struggling with a difficult homework task. The first boy finds the task too difficult to complete so he asks his mother to do it for him. He gets the perfect grade. The second boy tries his best, makes a few mistakes and gets an average grade. Which boy benefited the most?

My answer is the second boy. He might not have gotten a high score but he learned something while the second boy has learned nothing

Pharmaceutical medicines are like the mother who helped the first boy. They may provide immediate relief and comfort, they might suppress the symptoms, but they cannot create health or produce personal growth.

Homeopathic medicines work based on the principle of eustress. They train the body to fight back against disease. Treatment sometimes takes longer and is more challenging but the advantage is that relief is often deeper and more permanent.

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