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Ancestral Nutrition 1/6

I will be giving a series of 5 presentations on natural skin care. The first series will be held in Umeda in April and then later in Sannomiya, Kyoto and Namba. They will be in English with a tiny bit of Japanese translation. The presentations are 90 minutes. Each one will start with an interesting slide show and will be followed by a fun workshop.

First presentation: ancestral nutrition

1. Introduction to the wisdom of ancestral foods.

2. Weston Price and his travels around the world.

3. The 12 common nutritional practices of primitive cultures.

4. Ayurvedic medicine and the doshas.

5. Dosha quiz and personalized skin care.

6. A few delicious recipes

The second presentation is about home remedies, the third about natural cosmetics, the fourth about movement and exercise, and the fifth is about connection between mind and skin health.

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