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1. Natural Skin Care

A skin disease is rarely just a problem on the surface. The root cause usually lies much deeper within the body. The first task of the homeopathic physician is to do detective work to find the underlying cause.

Most skin conditions can be traced back to a hormonal imbalance, a digestive problem, a weak liver, or an overactive immune system.

However, the detective work doesn’t stop there. A dedicated homeopath digs even deeper. If, for example, a skin problem is caused by a hormonal imbalance, the homeopath needs to determine the cause of the hormonal imbalance.

It might be that the patient’s unhealthy diet and sleep patterns.

It could be stress or an emotional problem

And it may be a purely medical problem requiring the right homeopathic medicine.

This article is the introduction to a 12 part series looking at ways a healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of your skin.

  1. Introduction

  2. Nutrition

  3. Water

  4. Salts

  5. Cosmetics

  6. Breathe

  7. Brushing

  8. Massage

  9. Movement

  10. Cleanse

  11. Clay

  12. Sun

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