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Healthy Breasts 2: Hydrotherapy

Exposure to hot and cold water improves blood circulation. This stimulates the production of proteins, collagen and elastin – the molecules responsible for growth, elasticity and tone. This helps keep the breasts firmer, perkier and fuller. There are four ways you can do hydrotherapy:

1. Full Body Hydrotherapy

  • Take your normal shower or bath

  • Switch the shower setting to the coldest temperature you can handle

  • Let the cold water wash down your body for at least one minute

  • Repeat at least two times

  • Always end with cold water

2. Breast Hydrotherapy

  • Take your normal shower or bath

  • Turn temperature to cool and let the water flow over your breasts for 1 minute

  • Shift to a cold setting and let the water flow on your breasts for 20 seconds.

  • Repeat up to three times

  • End with cold water

3. Hydrotherapy With Compresses

  • After showering soak a cloth in warm water and another in cold water

  • Place the warm compresses above your breasts

  • You can rub gently and slowly in a circular motion

  • After several seconds change to the cold compress

  • Repeat and end with the cold compress

4. Ice Massage

  • Take 2 ice cubes and massage them around your breasts for about 1 minute

  • Pat your breasts dry with a washcloth

  • You do not want to keep the ice on your breasts until they are numb

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