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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Gemmotherapy has nothing to do with gemstones. The name comes from the word ‘gemma’, which derives from the Latin for ‘bud’.

Gemmotherapy is a treatment regime that uses the embryonic tissue of various trees and shrubs, picked just as they emerge in spring, and homeopathically potentized to the first decimal dilution (1DH). The main purpose of Gemmotherapy is to promote drainage and thereby eliminate toxins from the body.

Gemmotherapy began in 1970 when doctor Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian medical, published his findings gathered since 1959. According to Henry, the newly emerging parts of plants such as the buds, shoots, rootlets, seeds and catkins – contain what Henry called the ‘Potential Biologic Energy’. This is the anabolic ability of the embryonic cell.

These ‘herbal stem cells’ are the most powerful, expansive, in-depth and fastest acting parts of the plant.

Cleansing and draining with Gemmotherapy is an excellent way to start treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue because:

  • Detoxifies at a cellular level

  • Supports drainage at an organ level

  • Stimulates emunctory functions

  • Delivers a full range of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals

  • Reduces the need for nutritional supplements

  • Rejuvenates the cells and organs

Here are 6 remedies commonly used for fatigue.

Field Maple

Acer Campestris acts on the digestive system. It drains and cleans the liver and the gallbladder. It eliminates biliary sludge and inhibits gallstones. Acer Campestris helps to resolve chronic viral and fungal infections like herpes. It is helpful in treating many types of fatigue as well as fibromyalgia. When used with Tilia Tomentosa it treats a nervous anguish.

White Birch

Betula Pubescens is an intense diuretic and kidney drainer. It is an immune modulator and has anti-inflammatory action. It stimulates liver cells and is a liver drainer. It also stimulates bone regeneration. It can be used in cases of fatigue, particularly in the elderly. It works well in treating arthritis, osteoporosis and fractures.

Oak Bud

Quercus Pedonculata corrects adrenal hormone deficiency. This remedy is indicated for conditions such as sexual asthenia‚ impotence‚ constipation‚ chronic fatigue‚ adrenal atrophy and collapse of the vascular system.

Wild rose

Rosa Canina helps treat local inflammations. Its primary action is on the ear, nose and throat as an anti-inflammatory and regenerator of upper respiratory tract mucous membranes. Rosa Canina works on a deficient, fatigued, anemic and demineralized terrain. It has tremendous effects in fatigued patients who often suffer from viral infections.

Giant sequoia

Sequoia Gigantea stimulates the adrenal hormones. In men Sequoia Gigantea increases spermatozoid production, decongests the prostate and increases male sexual performance. For women Sequoia Gigantea assists as an estrogen precursor for menopausal transitions. Sequoia Gigantea also help to remineralize and strengthen the bones.


Zea Mays is primarily indicated for the cardiovascular system. It acts as an anti-inflammatory on arterial and myocardial tissue. It is also indicated in kidney and urinary inflammations. It can be used to stimulate mental vitality.

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