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Patients who suffer from unrelenting fatigue, persistent pain and brain fog are often diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Neither of these diagnoses actually points to a cause: they both are merely labels for a group of symptoms.

Without finding a cause of their illness, they have little hope of regaining their health.

Now, I don’t think that a build up of toxins in the body is the one originating cause of CFS or FM. However, people who have been chronically ill for a long time tend have an overload of toxins. In my experience eliminating these toxins is the first step to recovery.

One of the safest and most effective ways of eliminating toxins is Gemmotherapy.

The term “Gemmotherapy” is derived from the Latin word “gemmae”, which means bud of a plant or gem/jewel.

Gemmotherapy remedies are made from young shoots and buds. They contain the peak life essence of the plants so they are richer in vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, growth hormones and other plant tissues that are lost if a plant is allowed to reach a later stage in its growth cycle before harvesting.

You can think of Gemmotherapy as plant stem cells.

The advantage of using Gemmotherapy over other methods of drainage is that there are 50 remedies. Each one has a specific action and an affinity toward a specific organ. This allows you to target particular organs and problems. Gemmotherapy also supports digestive function by helping establish gut flora and stimulating digestive enzymes.

Here are brief descriptions of 5 gemmo remedies:

Betula Pubescens (Birch) is a central drainer for a number of body systems. Its action reduces urea‚ cholesterol and uric acid levels. Primarily‚ this remedy is used to detoxify the liver‚ but it is also indicated for conditions such as osteoarthritis and arteriosclerosis.

Fagus sylvatica (Beech) stimulates the immune system and stimulates the liver. It is used for a weak immune system, compromising gut function, food intolerance, and recurrent viral infections.

Juglans regia (Walnut) works with skin and mucous membranes, influencing the boundaries between the outer environment and inner environment. It also differentiates between self and non-self, and what will be influential. It can assist in rebalancing gut flora, often part of the protocol in cases of dysbiosis.

Quercus robur (Oak) is used as a general tonic and adrenal tonic. It supports adrenal and reproductive hormone production. Oak can help support the body when overworked and fatigued. Oak is also used when there is fatigue due to low cortisol levels and issues of reproduction including low libido, low testosterone, sexual asthenia, and premature ejaculation.

Pinus sylvestris (Pine) clears out of the body through the lymph and liver. It drains joints and removes all heavy metals from the body. Pine works with structural aspects, helping people be more structurally sound on many levels, through regeneration of bone and cartilage, and the enhanced function of joints through drainage.

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