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Kalmia Latifolia


Prefers to sit in reclining posture, mental faculties work well except when in motion and even when sitting up when attempting to move, with the slightest motion, however, even of the hand, on comes vertigo and confusion of mind. Anxiety with palpitation. Very irritated in the first half of evening

GENERAL Acute neuralgia, rheumatism, gouty complaints, especially when heart is involved as a sequel of rheumatism or gout. In heart diseases that have developed from rheumatism, or alternate with it. Nausea accompanied by a slow pulse. Has a prominent action on the heart. In small doses, it accelerates the heart's action; in larger it moderates it greatly.


Pains shift rapidly. Pains sticking, darting, pressing, shooting in a downward direction. Pain accompanied by numbness or a cold sen­sation. The most peculiar presentation will be the joints of upper part of the body getting involved first and then the pain travelling downwards to the lower limbs. The affected joints are red and swollen

These pains sometimes shoot like lightning, again they tear along the nerves, along the sciatic and crural nerves, down through the calves. In rheumatic constitutions the pains are dull, tearing, crushing and pressing, and are aggravated by motion and go from the lower to the upper limbs.

The head pains are very severe. They often begin in the back of the neck or back of the head, and extend to the top of the head. There are also pains in the front of the head, pains over one or both eyes, tearing neuralgic pains aggravated by heat and motion. Pains come and go with the sun.

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