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The Sepia woman has a strong regard for her independence, and likes to be away from people, and withdraw into nature. Sepia seeks to be herself, unfettered by the expectations of others, especially men.

In Sepia love is not shown as affection. Love exists but it cannot be expressed. There is no absence of emotions but the intention of escape from them. All the love expressions, marital, paternal, filial and even friendship burns Sepia out, and she feels that they avoid her privacy and independence.

Sepia can be highly irritable, quarrelsome and impatient, especially with her mate, overwhelming him with sarcasms and insults. She can be antisocial with family and friends due to her aversion to company and to the physical effort that being sociable demands. In a party, she keeps away and silent, till the dance begins, then she begins to enjoy the party. Sepia tends to have menstrual and reproductive problems.

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