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Sequential therapy

Let go of past hurts and traumas and live in the present

Sequential therapy is the homeopathic treatment of shocks and traumas that have occurred in a person’s life. All the significant traumas in a person’s life, both physical and emotional, are recorded on a timeline starting from the most recent and going all the way back to birth and beyond. Each shock is then treated, one at a time, using homeopathic medicines.

A brief history of sequential therapy

The idea of sequencing began with the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He observed that ill health often began with an initial shock or trauma, such as fall, concussion, emotional shock, or drug. This initial shock would then eventually give rise to a variety of secondary diseases. Hahnemann found that if he treated the initial shock the secondary diseases would usually disappear by themselves soon after.

For over 150 years little was done with this profound insight. This was because the initial shock didn’t produce any visible symptoms – instead, it negatively altered the general state or tone of the patient. This altered tone was extremely difficult to detect and diagnose and was thus rarely treated. Secondary diseases, on the other hand, produced numerous symptoms and suffering so they were much easier to identify and treat.

In the 1970s the Swiss medical doctor Dr. Jean Elmiger discovered that the shocks of drugs and vaccinations were the underlying cause of several untreatable diseases. He found that he could successfully cure these diseases with homeopathic medicines if he treated each shock in the reverse order in which it occurred. In his book Rediscovering Real Medicine, Elmiger laid out his method of treatment, which he called La therapie sequentielle or Sequential Therapy.

In the early 1990s Patty Smith and Rudi Verspoor of the Hahnemann College and Clinic for Heilkunstdeveloped and refined Dr. Elmiger’s discoveries, especially in terms of emotional shock. In their books, Homeopathy Renewed, Homeopathy Re-examined, and Autism: The Journey Back they clearly explain the effectiveness of sequential treatment, and its role in Hahnemann’s broader system of medicine called heilkünst.

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