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I found this old photo of me as a teacher. It brings back happy memories of excited and energetic children enthusiastic about learning. This photo was taken more than 15 years ago so I guess most of the children in the picture are either at university or working by now. Maybe one or two of them even have children of their own.

In many ways treating chronic illnesses with homeopathy is similar to teaching. With both your students and your patients you design a curriculum, give them homework, coach them, challenge them, encourage them when they are down, and in the long-term hopefully create a healthier, wiser, more capable person.

There is a lot more to homeopathy than prescribing homeopathic medicines. To heal someone completely you need to look at lifestyle and regimen. When you change a patient’s diet or exercise routine you are very much a teacher. You set them tasks, check up on them, give them feedback and motivation. The reward of being a teacher is seeing your students gain knowledge and pass their tests –both intellectual and regimental.

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