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Cherry Plum Flower Essence

Cherry Plum flower essences helps when you fear that you are going to lose control of yourself and do something dreadful, such as injuring others or harming oneself. You feel you are about to lose your mind or explode. You can also use Cherry Plum if you have lost control in the past because of frantic fear or dread.

The Cherry Plum state comes about when suppress the dark forces within us. There is a fear of opening up and letting go.

Children in need of Cherry Plum are often bed wetters. They keep themselves under tight control during waking hours but let their inner anxieties come out only when there is no conscious bodily control.

On the outside the Cherry Plum personality exhibits extreme outward control but their inner turmoil may be betrayed by their eyes, which are often wide open, staring and unblinking.

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