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Pulsatilla is known as the weather­cock among remedies because its key fea­tures are changeability and the need or desire to be outdoors. The changeability is as unpredictable as the wind itself.

Pulsatilla is predominantly a female remedy. It is classically thought to suit women of a mild, shy and good-natured disposition.

Pulsatilla is very sensitive. On the one hand they tend to bottle things up and hold onto emotions. They will hide their indignation about some slight they may have received. They hold onto nega­tive emotions, hold grudges, feel peeved and can become quite jealous, quite sorrowful, depressed and very anxious.

On the other hand they are particularly weepy. They are moved to tears when listening to music, watch­ing a romantic film or even seeing distressing news on the television. They can be hopeless romantics and will prob­ably be moved to weep when shown kindness or given a present.

They can also hold firmly to their views, in that they can be deeply reli­gious, or dogmatic about things that they hold dear.

Sympathy always helps them. A cuddle or a hug may make them weep, but it will usually help. It is that touch, that comfort that is important.

Pulsatilla is a well-known women’s hormonal remedy, and is often indicated during pregnancy and labor, menopause and for menstrual disorders where the Pulsatilla characteristics are present.

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