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Chicory Flower Essence

The Negative State

You might need Chicory if you care about someone deeply but you need to be continuously assured of his or her love. Maybe, you’ve become a little controlling and demanding.

The Chicory state often comes about due to a lack of love in the past. The underlying feeling of being unwanted and unworthy causes you to constantly seek love from others.

You tend to try to control and arrange every activity for your family and friends. You are always there to "put things right" when others don't meet the right standards of performance.

You hold onto your loved ones and try to keep them dependent and close to hand. This often drives them away. You might use guilt to attain your objectives - making dealing with you an emotional drain. In the past you have used illness to gain sympathy and attention.

The Positive State

You are kind, warm, and people feel safe and secure in your presence. You selflessly provide shelter, advice and comfort to others with no expectation of reward.

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