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The homeopathic process

what to expect at a homeopathic interview

Homeopathic medicine is quite different from other forms of treatment. Sometimes patients are not sure what to expect during treatment – what happens during a consultation, medicines, remedies, how long treatment takes, what to expect, and so on. Below is a complete layout of the homeopathic treatment process – starting with what happens before the first consultation right through to the follow up consultations.

Homeopathy is one part of a broader practice known as heilkünst – heil means to heal and künst means art, so, I practice the art of healing. There are five essential parts to heilkünst. One reason I chose the name Five Petals Homeopathy for my clinic is that each petal represents one part of the complete system of medicine known as heilkünst. Another is that I was inspired by The Book of Five Rings (五輪書 Go Rin no Sho). It is a text on the martial arts written by the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

The interview usually takes about an hour. First, I’ll ask you about your main problem in detail. The reason for this is that you are a unique person so you illness is unique too. Two people with acne will express their symptoms very differently and will thus require different homeopathic medicines.

Next, I’ll ask you about other medical problems. A skin problem is usually the visible indication of something happening deeper in your body. These could be hormonal, digestive, nervous or cardiovascular in nature.

After that we’ll discuss your lifestyle. The quality of your food, exercise and sleep strongly affect your general health and thus the quality of your skin. There are hundreds of books n diet and lifestyle all of which give differing advice. I have read most them. You will get lifestyle guidance that matches your metabolic type, body type, blood type, glandular dominance and somatotype. We take it step-by-step changes that are fun and easy to follow. No will power required.

Then, we discuss any mental or emotional stress you might have. We go deep and get to the root of the problem. Conversation alone can often produce amazing relief. I usually add flower essences. These are simple but incredibly effective in helping you solve mental and emotional problems.

Finally, we’ll look at you past traumatic history. Old injuries and traumas can remain stuck in the body energetically. Sequential Homeopathy is a comprehensive system of treatment that helps you let go of past hurts.

the patient form

Personal Details

Two best appointment times and dates:



Email address:


Main problems

Please describe your main complaint(s) in as much detail as possible. For example, “I have a severe acne on my face and lips and also on my shoulders. It started 6 months ago after an argument with my mother. There is a lot of bleeding and pus. My skin feels itchy and painful. It feels worse in the morning, in cold weather and when I move it. It feels better in dry weather and when I lie down. My acne makes me feel weary and blue.”


Skin type:








Please tell me which medicines, supplements or herbs you are currently using. Please include the dose, times per day and date started.


Do you any allergies? When did they start?

Food and Drink

What do you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks:

What foods do like very much, strongly dislike?


How much water do you drink every day? What do you usually to drink?


What kind of exercise do you do? How often?


Please describe your sleep.

Your Blood Type

Do you know your blood type? O, A, B, AB

Factors that Affect You

Are there any factors that make you feel better or worse? For instance, your skin feels itchy after drinking coffee or in sunny weather. You feel better after a cold shower or when the windows are open.

Personality and Mind

It is universally acknowledged that your mind and emotions have a tremendous influence on your physical health. Please tell a little about your personality so I can thus treat you as a whole.

Are you more Intuitive or Analytical?

Are you more down-to-earth and practical or more intellectual and spiritual?

Are you more sociable or more solitary?

What is your relationship with animals/pets?

What was your best, shining moment?

What are you ambitions and dreams?

Please describe yourself in 10 words.

Your Background

Do you know what you were like as an infant and a toddler? For example, were you happy/grumpy, shy/outgoing, easily startled/calm, independent/had to be held, etc.?

What were you like at school age? For example, social scene/friends/popularity, Academics, best and worst subjects, Interests, Dreams, Fears, Sports/competition, Dress style, etc.?

Your Family History

Please describe your genetic background: do you know what diseases your family members and grandparents had?

Your Traumatic History

Have you had any traumatic, shocking or upsetting events in your life?

These may include physical events such as Accidents (car accidents, falls, broken bones, animal bites) , Severe Infections (measles, chicken pox, mumps, TB), Surgical interventions (tonsils, appendix, dental), and Drug Use (vaccinations, antibiotics, recreational drugs).

These may include emotional events such as traumas involving loss, grief or betrayal, great fear, anxiety, anger, humiliation, envy or jealousy.

Timeline Example

  • 2000: I had my tonsils removed – felt anxious and afraid

  • 2002: Migraines started at puberty - medication, Imitrex usually

  • 2007: Vaccination for travel – Hep B, Yellow Fever

  • 2012: Moved to Osaka – sadness, anxiety

  • 2013: Ski accident – broke my leg – surgery – angry and humiliated

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.

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