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Seven Benefits of Flower Essences

Flower essences are one of my favorites healing modalities. They are a pleasure to work with because they produce subtle but profound and deep changes. Clients love them and I always enjoy the report back I get at the next appointment.

One: Flower essences work very well on a number of emotional issues including fear, uncertainty, apathy, sensitively, anxiety, aggression, loss, grief, trauma, panic, loneliness, despondency and despair.

Two: Because essences work at an energetic level they don’t simply cover up our symptoms as many allopathic medicines do, but bring about permanent health changes.

Three: Essences do not interfere with other healing methods or medications. And, in turn other therapies, both natural and allopathic interfere with the effectiveness of flower essences.

Four: Everyone can use essences – pregnant or nursing women, babies, children, adults, the elderly, the very ill, even pets and plants.

Five: Essences are completely natural, safe and non-addictive. They contain only natural substances there are no adverse reactions.

Six: Essences are energetic in nature so it's impossible to overdose on them. If we choose the wrong essence nothing happens. Just try a different one.

Seven: There are many ways flower essences can be taken. You can take one to five suitable essences at a time.

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