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Glandular Types for weight loss

The biochemist, Dr. Roger Williams experienced a paradoxical reaction to morphine during surgery (it made him wide awake instead of drowsy). When trying to solve this puzzle he realized that there are biological differences between individuals. In his 1956 classic, Biochemical Individuality he explains that nutritional recommendations should be based on the metabolic profile of the patient. In the 1940s Francis Pottenger and Royal Lee discovered that people have different physical and psychological characteristics depending on whether they have a sympathetic or a parasympathetic dominant nervous system.

Dr. Elliot Abravanel classified people into four distinct body types according to their glandular dominance. Pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonad dominance each results in different weight gain patterns. Dr. Peter DÁdamo found that a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and certain types of proteins in food - called lectins. Lectins agglutinate (clump) your blood causing a variety of health problems. Dr. DÁdamo developed a diet based on the four blood types.

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