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signs and symptoms of toxic overload


signs and symptoms of toxicity in the body 

In the last few decades multiple studies on toxins and pollutants have led scientists to conclude that toxicity is correlated to disease. They were shocked to find that several toxins were harmful even in very small doses. A toxin is any synthetic or natural substance harmful to the body.


On average people are exposed to about 100 toxins a day. For many women this number is usually higher because they are more likely to be exposed to the chemicals found in cleaning products and makeup.


Toxic overload occurs when toxins have accumulated in the body to such an extent that they exceed the body’s ability to eliminate them. 


Below is a list of the signs and symptoms of toxicity in the body. But first, it’s important to understand that these signs are only an indirect indication of toxicity and not final proof. A single disease my have several different causes, toxicity being one of them. 


For the best results try to think like a homeopathic doctor. Read all the signs in detail and then carefully discern what they mean as a whole. If you have a toxic overload your body is working overtime to eliminate these toxins, so you’ll see the signs of this. 



If you are at home now look around you. Your house might be spotless but are there many plastics and products that contain many artificial chemicals?



A thickly coated tongue with many cracks is usually a sign that the body is overloaded. Everyone has a thin white coating and that’s fine. If the cracks are deep and the coating is yellow, orange, or brown this could indicate toxicity. Smokers tend to have a brown coating.



Bad breath, strong body odors, and smelly urine are all signs that your body is trying to get rid of toxins. 



Deep wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes indicate heavy metal poisoning.



If you react strongly fragrances your body is telling you that it’s overly sensitive to chemicals. This is especially true if you feel itchy, get headaches or nausea from scents.


cravings / blood sugar imbalances

Excess sugar in the diet not only causes blood glucose imbalances, but is also the preferred source of food for fungus and parasites in the body. In fact, Candida, a fungus that lives in the human body can cause intense sugar cravings and other symptoms if allowed to proliferate. 


skin issues

Your outside reveals what’s happening on the inside. If you suffer from acne, rosacea, eczema, or cellulite it’s likely that there is toxic sludge working it’s way through the skin. Again you need to discern. Look closely at your skin, and then decide if any pimples or marks are the result of toxins coming out.


digestive issues

An unhealthy gut is the underlying cause for several health problems. Issues such as chronic gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhoea may indicate a toxin overload.

muscle/joint aches and pains

When gut health is impaired, undigested particle of food can cause gaps in the intestinal wall lining leading to a condition called leaky gut. These food particles are allowed to enter the blood stream where they can cause a series of inflammatory reactions. In addition, they can lodge themselves in weak areas of the joints which can cause pain and increased muscle soreness. Supporting proper digestion and detoxification can help to cleans toxins from the joints and muscles and heal the gut lining.



Chronic fatigue is often a result of a toxic build up in the body, which can cause inflammation and pain.


changes in mood

Toxins can also affect your endocrine systems, leading to mood swings, brain fog, depression and increased anxiety.


anxiety and depression

Research has confirmed the gut-brain connection. Toxic buildup in the body weakens the immune system and increases the chance of infection and illness, which alters the diversity of bacteria in the gut. There have been numerous studies linking intestinal bacteria to anxiety and depression and proving that many mood disorders can be treated by normalizing bacteria in the gut.


brain fog

The heavy metals in our water and cookware as well as mold cause a myriad of symptoms including debilitating brain fog. Confusion, memory loss, and an inability to stay focused are all signs of brain fog and can be the result of irritation caused by chemicals and toxins that you are exposed to.



Our livers usually perform their duties when we sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping and often wake up in the middle of nothing, it might be because your liver is working overtime to cleanse your body.

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