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sequential therapy


fibromyalgia and trauma 


If you have fibromyalgia you can probably trace the origins of your illness back to a specific event that was traumatic for you. It might have been an injury, an illness, or something emotional like an insult. Or it might not have been a single event but rather a stressful period of time in your life such as an unfulfilling job. 


In the 1970s the Swiss medical doctor Dr. Jean Elmiger discovered that the shocks and traumas were the underlying cause of several untreatable diseases. He found that he could successfully cure these diseases with homeopathic medicines if he treated each shock in the reverse order in which it occurred. He called his method Sequential Therapy.


How it’s done


Basically, you write down all the significant traumas in your life on a timeline, both physical and emotional. Start from the most recent and go all the way back to birth, and beyond. Each shock is then treated, one at a time at intervals of about 3 to 4 weeks. 


It is a highly effective form of therapy that produces results, but it can be challenging for two reasons:


It takes time. If for example, you suffered from 20 significant traumas throughout your life, and we dealt with one every three week, then it would take just over a year to get through them all. On average treatment takes one to two years. 


Relive the past. As you go through the events on the timeline long forgotten memories, buried emotions, and past symptoms will temporarily resurface. Reliving the past can be hard to deal with but it’s absolutely vital if you want rid yourself of the past traumas held in your body.


A brief history


The idea of sequencing began with the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He observed that ill health often began with an initial shock or trauma, such as fall, concussion, emotional shock, or drug. This initial shock would then eventually give rise to a variety of secondary diseases. Hahnemann found that if he treated the initial shock the secondary diseases would usually disappear by themselves soon after.


For over 150 years little was done with this profound insight. This was because the initial shock didn’t produce any visible symptoms – instead, it negatively altered the general state or tone of the patient. This altered tone was extremely difficult to detect and diagnose and was thus rarely treated. Secondary diseases, on the other hand, produced numerous symptoms and suffering so they were much easier to identify and treat.


In the 1970s the Swiss medical doctor Dr. Jean Elmiger discovered that the shocks of drugs and vaccinations were the underlying cause of several untreatable diseases. He found that he could successfully cure these diseases with homeopathic medicines if he treated each shock in the reverse order in which it occurred. In his book Rediscovering Real Medicine, Elmiger laid out his method of treatment, which he called La therapie sequentielle or Sequential Therapy.


In the early 1990s Patty Smith and Rudi Verspoor of the Hahnemann College and Clinic for Heilkunst developed and refined Dr. Elmiger’s discoveries, especially in terms of emotional shock. In their book  Autism: The Journey Back, Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst they clearly explain the effectiveness of sequential treatment, and its role in Hahnemann’s broader system of medicine called Heilkunst.


I’d like to add in my own minor contribution. Medicine always works better when it’s combined with regimen (healthy lifestyle). Sequential therapy is the medical part and you’ll be very surprised to hear that the regimental part is tidying. Yes, you heard that right.


tidying up


When I first read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo I was struck at how similar her method of decluttering was to sequential therapy. 


“Once the process of tidying is under way, many of my clients remark that they have lost weight or that they have firmed up their tummies. It’s a very strange phenomenon, but when we reduce what we own and essentially “detox” our house, it has a detox effect on our bodies as well.”


What really surprised me was that tidying can produce a healing reaction, just like homeopathic medicines do. She writes, “When we discard everything in one go … our bodies may respond in a way that resembles a short fast. We may get a bout of diarrhea or break out in pimples. There is nothing wrong with this. Our bodies are just getting rid of toxins that have built up over the years, and they will be back to normal, or in fact in even better shape, within a day or two.”


She continues, “Unfortunately, I can’t show you before-and-after pictures of my clients, but I have witnessed with my own eyes how their appearance changes when their rooms are tidied. Their figures are more streamlined, their skin is more radiant, and their eyes shine brighter.”



What she is referring to is the overall tone of the client. Think of medicine as being split into two parts. A pathic part which treats the pathology or visible suffering of the patient, and a tonic part which treats the overall tone of the patient. The best way to describe it is using music as a metaphor.


When you watch a movie you may not always be conscious of the background music but that’s what sets the tone for each scene.


Some characters such as James Bond and Darth Vader have their very own background music, called a leitmotif.


In reality we all have our own leitmotif. Unlike in the movies though, it not an actual song but rather a resonance or vibration that expresses the essence of who we are.


For a moment, imagine that your leitmotif is an actual song played by an invisible orchestra. The members of the orchestra love and understand you completely. When you are happy your song has joyful note and when you are sad your song takes on a melancholic tone.


Your song is perfectly melodic but as you go through life you encounter various shocks and hurts.


Every time a shock impacts you, it also impacts a member of your inner orchestra. One by one the orchestra members become discordant:


You break your hand in a fall and the cellist breaks his hand. He can still play the cello but only the high notes.


Your heart is broken and the violinist too has her heart broken. She loses her passion for music.


You are insulted by your boss and feel humiliated. The conductor tells the pianist she needs to practice more. She feels angered and insulted so she begins to play with a little too much force.


Eventually your inner song has deteriorated into discord. You feel constantly sick but the symptoms just don’t go away, even with the best medical help.


Sequential therapy is putting the orchestra back together step by step. First the pianist, then the violinist, and then the cellist. So that they can play your leitmotif perfectly and harmoniously again. 


Like Marie Kondo’s before-and-after pictures of her clients.

As a homeopathic practitioner I've acquired quite a large library of medical and homeopathic books over the years. These are my treasures and I enjoy reviewing the best ones. And by "best" I mean the books that actually have valuable medical information in them that you can use.


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Rediscovering Real Medicine:

The new Horizons of Homeopathy

Jean Elimger

Where do we turn when neither orthodox nor alternative medicine can provide us with remedies that work? Backed by a wealth of clinical experience, Dr Jean Elmiger believes that neither school of thought is asking the right questions or coming up with the solutions to ill-health. In this fascinating account of his lifelong search for a new form of medicine that genuinely heals, Dr Elmiger explains his revolutionary approach and the path that led to its discovery. Over years of practice, Dr Elmiger became convinced of the progressive destruction of the foundations of good health, such as the prolific inoculation of young children, the use of antibiotics and the effects of shock or trauma, including surgical operations. His search resulted in an entirely new vision of the origins of illness and how to eradiate it using homeopathy in a completely different way (sequential homoeopathic therapy).

Autism: The Journey Back:

Recovering the Self Through Heilkunst

Rudi Verspoor


Many treatments have been proposed for autism. Most seem to address the symptoms of the problem rather than the true underlying causes. There is a system of medicine called Heilkunst that addresses these causes and has an integrated approach to removing the autistic condition. Heilkunst looks at the individual circumstances of each child, since each case is unique, and includes homeopathy, as well as drainage, detoxification, diet, supplements, balancing of the autonomic nervous system, energy work and fungal treatment. Heilkunst means the art of making people whole - in body, mind, soul and spirit - and this book sets out the principles and foundations of this therapeutic system. It will change your life, and the life of your child. Heilkunst offers a consistent, comprehensive, integrated approach to transforming autistic children into active, healthy and fully-functioning contributors to society. The child blessed with autism has tremendous potential that is desperately seeking to be expressed. Heilkunst provides a key to unlocking that full potential.

Heal Your Family:

Get Love and Life to Flow

from Your Ancestors to You and Your Children

Magui Block


Many of us muddle through life while lugging heavy baggage crammed with an invisible family legacy. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what is inside the baggage. Even worse, as members are added to the family, they clone the baggage and add more weight. The good news is that it is possible to liberate ourselves and our offspring from a burdensome legacy and ultimately heal and joyfully move forward.
Magui Block draws upon her work as a psychotherapist to share cases and personal experiences in order to help families enhance their lives and work toward their goals and dreams. While encouraging others to heal while learning, Block explains how people can unwittingly become trapped within destructive family dynamics, provides discussions and exercises to help with working through them, and demonstrates how to apply a proven therapy method to help families identify entanglements and problems, obtain resources, and transform themselves so that all members can achieve their greatest potential.

Heal Your Family shares loving guidance and a proven method from a seasoned psychotherapist that help families free themselves from past burdens and behaviors, heal naturally, and embrace the power of unconditional love

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