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homeopathy for menstrual pain

Every patient with fibromyalgia has their own story, their own constellation of symptoms, their own trigger factors, their own way of coping with the illness. In this kind of situation, the homeo­pathic approach comes into its own, allowing for the individualisation of treatment to match the fea­tures displayed by the patient. Homeopathic medicines are always chosen on the basis of the symptoms of the illness and on the characteristics of the patient as a whole.

There are three advantages to using homeopathic medicines for pain. Firstly, they are very effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, they are non addictive and won't make you feel drowsy during the day, so they are very safe to use. Thirdly, there are a wide range of homeopathic medicines for very specific types of pain so you can select one that specifically matches your exact condition.

PMS and menstual pain can often be alleviated by making a few changes to your lifestyle. For a start you might try gentle exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

If you plan on using homeopathy for menstrual problems I suggest starting with a low potency such as 6c, 12c, or 30c. If this is your first time to try homeopathy, then on the first day simply open the bottle and smell the contents. Watch for any reactions. On the second day take one pellet and watch for any reactions. Then on the third day if you haven't had any reactions, take one pellet three times a day:one  before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  During your  period you can up the frquency to one pellet every 20 minutes.

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Below are brief descriptions of a few homeopathic medicines for educational purposes only. The idea is to give you a a glimpse into the beauty of homeopathy. If you would like to find out more you are welcome to contact me for a free 10-minute call. 

homeopathic belladonnna for meanstual pain

Belladonna is for symptoms that are very intense and come and go suddenly, accompanied by a feeling of heat. The menstrual flow is typically bright red, profuse, and may have begun too early. Pain and cramping are worse from jarring and from touch, yet applying steady pressure often brings relief. Walking or bending over can make things worse, and sitting may be the most tolerable position. A woman who needs this remedy may feel restless and flushed, with pulsing or pounding sensations, and eyes that are sensitive to light.


Bovista is for women who tend to have problems with puffiness and edema during times of menstrual stress, and can feel very awkward and clumsy. Pain may be felt in the pelvic region, often with soreness near the pubic bone. Menstrual flow increases at night (and may even be absent during the day). Diarrhea occurring at the time of the menstrual period is a strong indication for this remedy.

homeopathic chamomile for menstual pain

Chamomilla is indicated when the person’s mood and nerves are so sensitive that pains seem almost unbearable. Anger and irritability may be extreme (or pain and cramping may come on after the woman has been angry). The menstrual flow can be heavy, and the blood may look dark or clotted. Pain often extends from the pelvic area into the thighs, and may be worse at night. Heating pads or exposure to wind can aggravate the symptoms. Vigorous walking or moving around in other ways may help relieve the pain.

homeopathic cimicifuga for menstrual pain

Cimicifuga helps for cramping and pain that gets worse as the flow increases, back and neck pain with muscle tension, and sharp pains like shocks that shoot upward, down the thighs, or across the pelvis, are all indications for this remedy. The woman is likely to be nervous, enthusiastic, and talkative by nature, yet feel pessimistic and fearful when unwell.

cocculus for menstual pain

Cocculus is indicated when a woman has cramping or pressing pain in the pelvic or abdominal region, along with weakness or dizziness. She may be inclined toward headaches or nausea, and parts of her body can feel numb or hollow. Feeling worse from standing up or from any kind of exertion and feeling better from lying down and sleeping are typical. (Cocculus is often indicated when a person has not been sleeping well and then feels weak or ill.

lachesis for menstrual pain

Lachesis is for women  who have intense discomfort and tension before the menstrual period begins and feel much better when the flow is established may benefit from this remedy. Symptoms include a bearing-down sensation in the pelvis, flushes of heat, headache, and an inability to tolerate the touch of clothing around the waist or neck. A person who needs this remedy may feel “like a pressure cooker”: intense and passionate, needing an outlet both physically and emotionally.

homeopathic tiger lily for period pain

Lilium tigrinum is indicated for great premenstrual irritability (making other people “walk on eggs”) and cramping pain with a bearing-down feeling during periods. The woman may feel as if her uterus is pushing out, and may need to sit a lot or cross her legs. She is likely to feel worse from strong emotions or excitement and be better from fresh air.


Magnesia phosphorica is for painful cramps and pain in the pelvic region that are relieved by pressure and warmth often respond to this remedy. Periods may start too early, often with a dark or stringy discharge, and pain is usually worse on the right side of the body. The woman is sensitive and inclined toward “nerve pain”—feeling worse from being cold and also worse at night.

nux vomica_edited.jpg

Nux vomica helps when a woman has irregular menstrual periods with constricting pains that can extend to the rectum or the area above the tailbone. The woman tends to be impatient, irritable, and easily offended. Chilliness and constipation are also common. Mental strain, anger, physical exertion, stimulants, strong foods, and alcohol are likely to make things worse. Warmth and rest often help.


Pulsatilla is for delayed or suppressed menstrual flow accompanied by nausea or faintness. Getting too warm or being in a stuffy room make things worse. Cramping pain with a bearing-down feeling, either with scanty flow or thick, dark, clotted discharge, can also occur. The woman's mood and symptoms are changeable. There is a desire for attention and sympathy, along with a sensitive, even tearful emotional state. 


Sepia is for painful, late, or suppressed menstruation, sometimes with a feeling that the pelvic floor is weak or as if the uterus is sagging. The woman may feel irritable, dragged out, and sad, losing interest temporarily in marital and family interactions, wanting to be left alone. Dampness, perspiring, and doing housework may aggravate the symptoms. Warmth and exercise, especially dancing, often brighten the woman’s outlook and restore some energy.

vertarum album_edited.jpg

Veratrum album helps when menstrual periods with a very heavy flow and cramping, along with feeling of exhaustion, chilliness, and even vomiting and diarrhea, are indications for this remedy. The periods may start too early and go on too long. Discomfort is often worse at night and also in wet, cold weather. Warm drinks, exercise, or moving the bowels may make things worse. Small meals, cold drinks, and wrapping up in warm clothes or covers will tend to bring relief.

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