I’m Rodger Douglas and I treat fibromyalgia with homeopathy. I use a body mind approach that revolves around simple and healthy living.



When most people think of a healthy and nutritious food they tend to think of foods that are not tasty. As you become more in touch with your body you realize that the foods that are best for you personally, are acually the ones that you enjoy the most. I teach a joyful way of eating that is based on you becoming consciously aware of what your body really needs. Instead of giving you a bunch of dietary rules, which you’ll probably end up not following, I simply teach you how to listen to your body.

I love reading and have a huge library on homeopathy, health and nutrition. All the books that I review I've read from cover to cover. I only recommend the one I've found to be practically useful. Here is my list of the best books on nutrition.

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nutrition and physical degeneration

Weston A. Price

This masterpiece by many nutrition researchers who followed in his footsteps.Weston Price, a dentist with interest in nutrition and health, travelled extensively, and observed the dietary habits of diverse cultures, including the Lötschental in Switzerland, Native Americans, Polynesians, Pygmies, and Australian Aboriginals, among many others.  His extensive research materials include some 15,000 photographs, 4,000 slides, and many filmstrips.  He observed that various diseases endemic to Western cultures of the 1920s and 1930s were rarely present in non-Western cultures, and that as non-Western groups abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living, they showed increases in typical Western diseases. He concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods stripped away vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent these diseases.Initially, the medical and scientific communities vigorously rejected this controversial work as lacking scientific precision, nevertheless, as time went on, research has confirmed his observations and modern medical orthodoxy is slowly accepting that lifestyle and diet are a major factor, perhaps the major factor, in the degenerative diseases that plague the developed world.  Many have credited this book with greatly improving their health.