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I’m Rodger Douglas and I treat fibromyalgia with homeopathy. I use a body mind approach that revolves around simple and healthy living.

homemade shampoo

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homemade shampoo


clay shampoo


Clay is charged with negative ions, so when combined with water and applied to skin or hair draws out all positively charged toxins and impurities. Clay is also full of minerals that nourish the hair and scalp.


types of clay


Bentonite clay is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron which are great for your hair’s growth and development.


Kaolin clay has the ability to soothe an inflamed scalp. It is best suited for dry hair.


Rhassoul clay acts as an exfoliator unblocking the scalp’s pores by removing dead cells from it. It has an ability to draw dirt and excess oil from the hair and scalp. In addition, it helps with scalp conditions such as dandruff.


French green clay is rich in minerals that nourish the hair. It works best with oily hair as it has strong absorptive properties.


Fullers earth has amazing oil absorbance properties, which make it the perfect choice for oily hair.


Australian pink clay helps in restoring moisture and balance of your hair and scalp. It also smoothens the hair’s texture.



3 heaped spoons of clay

½ cup warm water


Combine all the ingredients in a glass, plastic or ceramic bowl. Don’t use a metallic bowl or spoon because it will react with the clay. Make sure the paste is not too runny and not too think.


Massage the paste thoroughly into your wet hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then wash out. 


Thoroughly rinse off the clay with warm water.


Rice bran shampoo


This shampoo is cleanser and conditioner in one, used on beautiful Japanese hair for centuries.


Actions: Cleanses, Moisturizes

Indications: All hair types

Use as needed



Fresh pure rice bran


Fill a cotton or silk bag, soak in warm water, then massage scalp and hair gently with the bag, remoistening it as necessary. Rinse.


The Japanese way of beauty : natural beauty and health secrets

by Leigh, Michelle D

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