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homemade foundation makeup


homemade makeup foundation


Most women use a foundation to cover up imperfections and to give their skin a matte or dewy finish. Because comercial cosmetics are mass produced it's hard to find one that perfectly matches your specific skin type, whether it be dry skin, sensitive, oily, or combination. The advantage of a homemade foundation is that you get to use ingredients that suit you. You can experiment with the product and determine what works best for you. Moreover, you'll save tons of money, and creating your own foundation is fun.


Shea butter
Emulsifying wax
Aloe gel
Witch hazel
Natural pre-made lotion
Non-nano zinc oxide
Cocoa powder
Mica powder
All-natural mineral powder



First, combine the organic lotion and mineral powder to get the desired color and consistency of the foundation. Now, this is the easy way to make the homemade foundation. A more complex method is used for the complete DIY natural base. 

1) Melt equal parts shea butter and emulsifying wax over a double-burner.

2) Slowly add the aloe and witch hazel until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Turn off the heat.

3) Add colors with zinc and clay. Note that the mixture can look too pale at this point. 

4) Add a tiny pinch of mica powder and cocoa powder until the right color is reached. 

5) Dip a tip of a spoon and let it cool. Test the color and coverage on your forehead. 

6) Get a sterilized container and let it cool. 

Note that if the color is lighter than your liking, you can always add a dash of mica and cocoa powder. Just make sure not to use too much as it’s harder to lighten the formula then to darken it. 

Lightening your foundation means, you’ll need to melt your shea butter and wax again and add it to the mixture. 

homemade cosmetics

Homemade products don’t come in beautiful packages with designer labels, they don’t look as good, and will they have a limited shelf life. But, you will have great pleasure in making something for yourself, and you will know that they are safe for you, your family and the ones you love. Have fun!

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