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homeopathy for brain fog


Fibro fog, or brain fog, is a condition of fibromyalgia in which patients say they are forgetful and feel as though they are walking around in a daze. The impact of fibro fog on everyday life so significant, that in fact some fibromyalgia patients say their cognitive symptoms are more disabling than their pain. 


symptoms of fibro fog


Memory issues

Difficulty concentrating

Decreased alertness

Problems thinking clearly 

Mental slowness

Difficulty holding a conversation

Deficits in executive functioning skills, such as planning abilities, decision making, and abstract thinking.


strategies for fibro fog


Certain healthy lifestyle strategies may help you cut through the brain fog.


A sleep schedule: If you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends, you will fall asleep faster, and rest more soundly. Getting enough sleep lets your body repair itself both physically and mentally. 


Exercise: Several studies have shown that doing exercise improves cognitive processing. To avoid flare ups slowly and with light stretching, then gradually increase the intensity. Read more about a program specifically designed for fibromyalgia.


Work out your brain: Studying a language or a musical instrument will stimulate your brain. Brainteasers, puzzles, or playing games like trivia and checkers will also help keep your mind sharp.

Avoid multitasking as it will become too hard for your brain to process everything you’re trying to do at once. This, in turn, will worsen your brain fog. Do one thing at a time, so you not only do it perfectly but also avoid overworking your brain. 


Keep a Record: Start tracking your fibro fog patterns. If you know when your brain fog tends to be at its worst then you’ll easily be able to identify your triggers. For instance, if your fog is worse after drinking coffee in the afternoon, then you can avoid coffee at that time, and consequently ease your fibro fog.  


Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can cause all sorts of issues. Brain fog is one of the first symptoms you might notice. 


Food: Unhealthy foods can cause brain fog over time because your body is spending more time digesting it and getting cleansing than it is helping you think.


Environmental toxicity: These are things like air pollution, heavy metal contaminants, and chemicals in the environment. If you are subjected to this in your environment, it could be causing or contributing to your fog.

flower remedies for fibro fog

flower remedies for fibro fog


Flower remedies are effective at helping people overcome mental issues. Unlike drugs, flower remedies have no side effects. They are pure and natural and are not habit forming. The work on the emotions themselves and do not simply mask them.


Nasturtium flower essence helps when you feel ungrounded or out of body from buzzy energy in your head. Thinking and thinking and thinking - ruminating and can’t get out of the monkey mind. You can’t make choices. 


Nasturtium flower essence channels excessive energy out of your head into your body for grounding and physical vitality. It shifts the focus from the lower brain repetitive monkey mind chatter to clear and focused thinking.


Peppermint flower essence helps with mental sluggishness. It brings things into sharp focus so that you can see them clearly. It is good for when you are tired and having trouble concentrating.


Lemon flower essence balances the expansive qualities of imagination and creativity with wakefulness and sharp mental clarity.


Cosmos flower essence helps us to translate abstract or emotional concepts into clear speech. It's helpful for those who try to communicate things that are of a spiritual nature and not always easily translatable into practical language for the average listener. It's also helpful for those who get overexcited and the words come out in a jumble. 


Jacaranda flower essence is for people who dither, never completing things because they are constantly changing what they are doing. 


Madia flower essence helps us focus on what is central and essential in life, and ignore the incessant pull of distracting influences that swirl around us. 


Clematis flower essence helps those who tend to daydream or have mental fog.


White Chestnut helps when we are distracted by mental chatter or plagued by racing or scattered thoughts.

homeopathy for fibro fog

homeopathic medicines


Kali Phos is highly effective for memory problems attended by marked mental fatigue and low energy levels. Brain fog due to over work, over exertion of mind, over study or some worries. The mind feels dull and sluggish. Depression with weeping and crying are present. Anxiety and mental stress.


Phosphoric Acid for the inability to collect thoughts. They are unable to find the right word when talking. Their thoughts vanish on reading. While reading they could not comprehend it. After reading, they forget everything. They also have loss of ideas and are unable to do any intellectual work. While thinking they feel dizzy. Other than this they have weak memory, dullness of mind and lack of imagination. 


Gelsemium is helpful for an inability to think clearly and concentrate. Persons needing it are unable to think properly or fix attention. With this they have marked dullness of mind. Confusion of mind is also there with mental exhaustion. They are unable to do anything that requires thought. While doing any mental exertion they have vanishing thoughts. They also have problems in connecting ideas and cannot follow an idea for long. They can be highly irritable along with above symptoms. 


Picric Acid is for brain fog from over studying or doing excessive literary work. There is an inability to collect thoughts and quick mental exhaustion from using mind, reading / writing a while or doing least intellectual work. With this there is aversion to do any mental work. There is also an inability to exert mind to think or talk. Along with this headache may be present that is triggered from any mental exertion. This headache is better by sleeping at night.


Anacardium is considered in cases of brain fog attended with forgetfulness. Persons needing it have marked forgetfulness and forgets what has happened recently or what they have seen recently. They retain nothing in his memory. They also have a deficient flow of ideas in the brain. With this dullness of mind and problems in thinking are there. They have marked brain fatigue. It is also a top listed medicine for Alzheimer’s disease.


Cannabis Indica helps in cases of poor concentration. In such cases there is an inability to fix thoughts on one subject. The mind appears foggy. In some persons needing it there is forgetfulness while talking. They forget last words or ideas and begin a sentence but are unable to finish it because they forget what they were about to speak. They also cannot recall thoughts or events.


Lycopodium is for confused thoughts in mind. There appears confusion about everything. There is also difficulty concentrating during conversation. Other than this it is indicated when a person is unable to express oneself correctly he may use wrong words for correct ideas. Sometimes there is difficulty to find the right fitted words. Along with above symptoms the memory is weak, the brain power seems failing. Its use is also made when a person makes mistakes in writing. He makes mistakes in spelling or mixes up letters. Lastly it is well indicated for mental fatigue from intellectual exertion with inability to do mental labor.


Argentum Nitricum is a prominent medicine when a person complains of poor focus and concentration. He is unable to fix his thoughts on anything and if attempted he gets darkness before his eyes along with a headache. There is weakness of the mind, mental confusion, and forgetfulness in conversation. There may be frequent attacks of anxiety along with impulsiveness and a desire to do things in a hurry. 


Natrum Muriaticum works well when brain fog is accompanied by sleeplessness. There is exhaustion, dullness of mind and  difficulty of thinking. There may be depression with much sadness and weeping spells. 


Calcarea Carbonica is valuable for cases in which brain fog with headaches. Other symptoms are forgetfulness, difficult thinking, confusion of mind, inability to understand anything read or heard. With this a person often misplaces words. There can be anxiety about the present and future along with above symptoms.

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